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Cool Stuff!


W3 Schools - great for explaining the basics and giving you snippets of code tons of great resources, literally the best

Maddie's neocities guide - this was essential for me when starting out

doqmeat's resource list - lots of really cool and useful things here!

Adilene's music player - this is the code I used for the music player in the extras bar

Custom Scrollbar - works on firefox!

Oklch - a super unique and cool color picker

Fun Zone

gifcities - old web gifs

3DS Hack Guide- hack your 3ds do it now

dither me this - dither images

pixel carrd - lots of small pixels

gifcity.carrd - tons of graphics and code snippets!

rotating food gifs - massive archive of rotating food

arquives- the queer canadian archive

cloudpaint- a fun in browser drawing program

colorfle- wordle, but with colors!

random tarot- pull a tarot card from the major arcana

apple rankings- a definitive ranking of every type of apple


Transmasculine Pride Webring

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