Hey there! You! Do you want this super cool tarot card puller on your website?

Great news! Just paste the following code into your website!

Tip! You can style the iframe with style=" ", so if you want to add margins or make the corners rounded, go nuts, though it will only style the frame, not the surrounding content.

Update - 01/16/24

Reversed cards are now an option to pull!


How did you get this idea?

I found a random tarot card puller, randomtarotcard, and I got pretty excited, the site is really well put together. I wanted to add it as a widget to my site, but I didn't realize it ran ads, and there's also the fact that it only has the major arcana. My widget is a version of theres, but with more cards and shittier images. I took a lot of inpiration from their site, and you should check it out! The scans on their site are beautiful, and the descriptions are really cool as well.

Does this work on mobile?

The widget itself works, but isn't responsive size wise, so it'll remain the same width. If you're optimizing for mobile, just keep that in mind

Will you optimize it for mobile?

Maybe, but not for a while. I'm not 100% sure how to do that, and I'd need to learn via trial by fire with optimizing my own website first before I do anything that might mess with stuff on other people's websites.

Could you add the descriptions of the cards to the widget itself?

Another maybe, but this time because it would be very annoying to do so since there are a lot of cards

Could you add reverse pulls?

Idk how to do that in a way that would be easy and not annoying, if I figure it out, then yes

Update: I did do this, but I did it the hard way by making copies of all the images and rotating them in PS - it was slightly annoying

So how does it work?

It's pretty simple, I copied someone else's code for pulling a div from an array. If you check the code using Inspect Element, you'll notice there's an external source code link. I'm going to be honest. I have no idea what it is or what it does, just that if I remove it, it stops working.Listen, I'm not a Javascript guy, it hurts my brain to think about

Where did you get the images?

Thankfully, the Rider-Waite Tarot deck is public domain, so these images are from Wikimedia Commons. Unfortunately, this means the image quality and size of the scans are pretty varied. Now, I actually do own the Rider-Waite Tarot deck, and even use it in my personal life, but mine is in Spanish. They didn't have the English deck in stock when I bought it. I might do my own scans, but that's also a ton of work for not a huge payoff

I'm having some sort of problem!

If you're having any issues with installing the widget or have found a bug, drop me a line! You can leave a comment on my neocities page, or message me on any of the platforms linked on my Links page. You can also message me on Discord @wrendered - but only do this if you need serious help and don't have any other lines of contact

This widget is so awesome. Can we kiss?

Sure :3