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February 2024


I finally got to doing my write up about web design sins! I'm really happy with how it turned out, so I implore you to go take a read and let me know what you think. Its a guide focused on smaller things that can be changed to make your website more legible and accessible. Let me know if you spot any errors or if you want anything added, I'm always happy to touch up things like this. Other than that though, most recent changes have just been updates to the links and playlist pages, and adding my weekly content to the journal- speaking of, I'm going to have a new entry up today, so keep an eye out for that. I also added a link to the article I wrote to the home page, right above us! It's also on the site map. I miiight do some other write ups in the future, if I can think of a topic- I might do a tutorial on how to make an animated cursor, but no promises. Happy Leap Day!


A small change was made, but it effected the entire site- I made the decision to axe the footer on all of the main pages. It was a bit of an eyesore, and didn't fit with any of the other parts of the layout. Since it was just my social media links, and those can be found on my Links page, I felt it was no serious loss. I also changed the corner radius on the whole layout so that only the edges facing outwards are rounded, making the whole site feel a bit more cohesive. I also made it so that on every page, the extras bar was shorter than the main content, which was also making me uncomfortable. Overall a few small changes that took a lot of effort, as well as some clean up in the back end. I'm planning on doing a write up soon of some web design sins I've seen and how to fix them- if you know of anything that can made a website harder to navigate or comprehend, you can either leave a comment on my neocities profile or send me an ask on my tumblr.


A couple of big updates! First of all, I updated the changelog to have some fun draggable images sprinkled throughout. I did this like, a week ago, and then forgot to do a write up on it here. Oops. I've also added a new page! No it was not any of the pages previously promised! I have a vocaloid playlist I enjoy listening to, but sometime struggle to remember the names of songs or look up the lyrics because they're in Japanese, so I made a page that was putting all that info down. I'm really happy with how it looks, and even though I had to redo all of the code for it at one point, it was a lot of fun. That page will get updates as I add more songs to the playlist, so check it out! The spotify playlist is also linked there.


The transzone is finally done! I finally hunkered down and wrote out the rest of the content. I might end up changing it up and make it a bit more design focused rather than the current style which is very text heavy, though I like having a place in which I can get all of my thoughts out. I took a couple of days to break from adding stuff to the site, but we're so back! I have plans for some more fun pages, including a page for my cat Cheeto, who's going to be staying with me for the next week, a page with my plushie collection, a page with my sticker collection (specifically the back of my laptop, which is insane), and a page for video games I've played/liked. If anyone has some more fun ideas for more pages I can add please drop me a line! I'm always looking for more fun things to do. Also, since it's the beginning of the month, I'll be removing all of the December updates from the home page, and they'll only be hosted on the changelog archive.

January 2024


Worked a lot on the Dungeon Meshi Shrine! I went to go add a page for my review on the anime, and then realized that I wasn't super happy with it aestheically, and there were a bunch of errors, so I cleaned all of those up. I also used a new font for the header, which is a nice blackletter font, one of my favourite niche font sub-categories. I also added a page for my thoughts on each anime episode! Yay! I won't be recapping the episodes, or rating them, just saying how I feel and how they compare to the manga. I'm actually not caught up on the past couple episodes, so there are only two reviews up as of now. I'm planning on having 12 episodes reviewed per page, and once I get to the splitting point I'll just add more pages, that way it's a lot more organized. I took a break from coding for a couple of days, but I just wanted to thank everyone for 50k views- it truly means a lot to me that so many people have seen the project I'm working on and liked it enough to view it that many times.


I worked a lot on the site today, but not a ton of it is front facing, a lot of it is back-end stuff. Firstly, I changed the code on the graphics page and journal page to instead use javascript and tabs to show off the content, rather than anchor tags. While this was slightly more annoying to implement and it means I can't link to specific pages within that page, it also means that there's no more scroll jumping when you click on stuff, which was really bothering me. I also rearranged some elements in the Links page to be more compact, there was wayyy too much deadspace there and it was stressing me out.


I've finally started working on the transzone again! I've added a new page, cleaned up the format and graphics, and removed some content. I decided to remove the button for resources, since I was realizing that I really didn't have a lot of insider knowledge on that point. As for the page that was added, I added the essays section, with some of my favourite video essays about being trans and gender, and some that were generally about politics. I might add more as I go and discover more, but for now I'm happy with the spread there. As for plans, I'm planning on adding a section to the dunmeshi shrine talking about the anime! I have a few thoughts on it so far, especially as a fan of the manga.


The Tarot Widget has been updated! I added all of the reverse pulls as well, which was a bit tedious but overall I feel like it was really needed. Thankfully, because of how the widget works, anyone with it doesn't need to do anything, since it's all on my end. I also added a new thing to the Journal page! In my actual real life journal, I keep a weekly log of a song I really liked that week, and the tarot card I pulled on that Monday. I really like that, and so wanted to add it digitally as well! I'll be updating it weekly, so keep an eye on it- I'm really happy with the layout, it turned out super cute.


So, a few small changes, but they're large enough that I feel I should still talk about them here. Firstly, more has been added to the disc page (except for the, actual content), and I've made sure all the graphics from that page have made it to the Graphics page. More pressing though, I've redone the header! Goodbye spinning shark and rotating CD, you will be missed and probably reused elsewhere. I've replaced those with an animation done by my friend Cooper (check out their site here!), and if you click on the gif a little popup comes up crediting them. I also revamped the main header graphic. I changed the lineart from the harsh black, made it so the colours move from left to right instead of right to left, and slowed down the framerate. I was told it could be triggering for migraines, and since I've actually been getting them as well for the past week, it was becoming clear to me that it was an accessibility issue. I'm really happy with how it looks now though! Tomorrow I'm going to try and write up some of the content for the disc page!


Started off on a new page!! I'm getting into burning discs, so I decided to make a page for that- the basic structure is done, but I haven't written any of the content yet. I also haven't added the page to the sitemap yet, so you'll have to find it on your own (hint: it'll be linked by a related image). I also got a huge influx of followers in the past couple days so I wanted to say thank you! Thanks! Oh, I also wrote up a new journal entry, fixed up some code in the back here, and added more graphics and links to their respective pages. Don't worry, I still haven't forgot about finishing the transzone page, I just got a bit stuck and so am taking a break, since it is pretty personal. I also wanted to thank everyone else here, who's served me a lot of inspiration in the past couple of days. I felt pretty stuck, and unsure of what I wanted to do, but after seeing a bunch of creative pages and really cool stuff, I've had new life breathed into me. Until next time!


So, a couple of small changes- along with the usual infinite updatin of my links and graphics pages, I've made a few more changes! Firstly, I designed a new site button! I'm not getting rid of the old one, don't worry, but I like the idea of having multiple buttons people can choose from, so if you have my older one on your site, don't worry about updating it. I also added a section to my gallery page for my most recent art- originally I wanted it to update automatically, but haven't found a way to do that and frankly it's just easier to do it by hand- check it out if you want to see some art of Miku!


Happy 2024! I hope everyone had a great new year's eve :]! As for changes to the site, I've added a webrings section to the links page as well as keeping them on the home page so I can give the widgets some room to breathe over there (they get a bit squished in my navbar here). I akso decided to move all of the changelog to a different page, and will keep this log with 2 months of changes (meaning all the November updates have been removed from here). Now when you scroll to the bottom of this very box, there's a link with the archive. This helps me keep the code for this page a bit leaner, and makes the changes easier to navigate. Also, I added a pixel drawing I made of my fursona, you can see him on the right. Anyways, I have some fun things planned for the website coming up, so here's to a strong start to the year!

December 2023


I hope everyone had a good Christmas! I haven't updated this in a while, but that's because all of the updates have pretty much been me adding graphics and links, though that changes today! As of now, I am finished the undertale shrine! Yay!!! Feel free to check it out, I had a ton of fun with it. Next up, I'm going to finished the trans page, and start working on some fun cool stuff in the works, so stay tuned. ALSO thank you for over 25k views!! I'm amazed by the support I've gotten, and thank you to everyone who has said kind words to me in my comments or guestbook or wherever else, it really does mean a lot to me!


I'm almost finished with the Undertale Shrine! I just need to figure out what I want to put in the item menu, I'm not completely sure yet... Also, I've been adding a ton of new favicons and blinkies to the graphics page, so check it out! I also rearranged all of the buttons on my links page because they needed to be in color order, which took a lot longer than you might think. I'm also thinking of putting up a page for my OCs, and starting up another shrine for deep sea creatures which I like. I also wanted to thank everyone for 23k views!! Wow!!!!!


Started making the undertale shrine! It's currently only just the one page, but I'm planning on adding a lot more. I'm super happy with the method I found to display the actual pages (nothing design related, just backdoor stuff), and I'm excited to keep working on it! I've also finished all of my assignments for the semester, meaning I'll now have a lot more free time yippee


I keep forgetting to do these, even though I have been working on the site. I've added a lot of content to the transzone page, which now has 4 pages up! I'm probably going to cut down on the amount of pages though, since some of them are looking to be a bit redundant. I've also added custom scrollbars all about, just as a nice touch. Oh, I also did a ton of personality quizzes and put the results on the about page, in case you want to know what type of cheese I am.


The tarot widget is now up! And there are instructions for how to embed it in your own site- you can see it right next to this little box here :]<-- Let me know if you end up putting it on your site, it makes me super happy! The intructions for how to put it up are in the link under the widget there, and there's an F.A.Q. as well... well, no one has asked any questions yet, so it's more anticipated questions. Enjoy!


In a masterful Wren Move, I got distracted from the page I was working on and worked on something else instead. Oops. Anyways are you interested in a tarot card pulling widget? So was I! So I made one! Yay!!!! It has all of the cards in the major AND minor arcana, and can be seen on my about page (though I might move it to this page...). I haven't written up instructions yet on how to embed it in your own site since I'm not sure how that works yet, but hopefully I can get some help from a friend who will troubleshoot it with me. Oh, I also added some fun images that stick to the bottom of the page on every page except this one, in order to fill up the dead space that was left when I removed the webrings from everywhere else. Hopefully I'll have the page explaining how to embed the widget up tomorrow, but I also have a lot of homework to do so maybe I should manage my time better...


Got started on the trans page! I have the basic layout down, but none of the content. It'll probably be pretty extensive, so it'll take a while before it's 100% complete, which is fine. For now, there's some placeholder text and fun graphics! I also figured out how to make the cursor animate on hover, which is pretty cool. I've also sporatically been updating the links and graphics pages with new content, so check that out! Recently I made a massive batch of pride flag favicons, if you have any requests for a specific flag, feel free to drop me a line! Also- I decided to keep the webrings only on the home page. There were some that didn't work on some pages for no reason, and the javascript for one of them was breaking some other stuff, plus it made the nav bar really long. I am thinking of adding something fun graphically there in the meantime, if I can get position:sticky to work, that is.


Ack I keep forgetting to do these! A couple of updates! Firstly, I added more stuff to the home page, and I think for now I'm gonna settle with what I've got there. I've also been making some fun graphics which you can find on the graphics page. Big one- I changed it so that now when you open the site, you come to a landing page instead of the home page. I had a ton of fun making this. As for stuff that's upcoming, you'll notice there's a new image on the guestbook page which leads nowhere when you click it- I'm planning to have a page there dedicated to trans stuff, but that might take a while since I'm not completely sure how to approach it. Being trans is a huge part of my life, and I wanted to have a place to talk about it, but I'll need a bit to figure out how I want to express that.


A new journal entry is now up! This one is kind of a bummer, but nothing too heavy lol. I mostly spent today making some more graphics, including ripping a bunch of pokemon sprites to make some dividers, so check that out! I also redid the gallery page to make the layout a bit cleaner, separating the illustration and graphic design images and putting them in boxes. If there's one thing you could learn about me from this website, I love a good box.


Oops, forgot to write one of these for yesterday. I haven't done a ton of massive website overhauls, since I've been pretty busy with finals, but I did make a metric ton of stamps and blinkies and buttons, which can be found on my graphics page- feel free to use them! I also redid the layout of the links page slightly, and put the neocities neighbors in their own box, so they're easier to see. I'm also planning on writing a new journal entry, which I'll probably do tomorrow. Oh, and I'm thinking of adding an OC section to my gallery page! So stay tuned for that :]

November 2023


WOW so it's been a few days huh? Basically, neocities accidentally deleted my site (I'm pretty sure) and I couldn't even log in to my account- I'm really glad everything is back though, and with that a couple of updates! First of all, I retooled the home page so that the layout is nicer and there's more stuff to look at. I also added a fun comment box, so feel free to say hi :]! I've also added more ads to the vintage ad collection, updated the graphics and site map, and just done some general housekeeping. I wrote some code which was a widget that displayed the wikipedia featured article, and I thought it was working, but looks super messed up on firefox, so I need to go back to the drawing board with that one sadly. Other than that though, I'm glad to be back and I hope everyone didn't have too much fun without me...


The corkboard page is now up! You can click on the pin underneath this box to see it :] I uploaded it earlier today, but I just added a new button and made it so that when you hover on the button there's a fun zoom. Clicking on the button will bring you to where I found it, so if you're interested in finding more, check out the sources! Also, I decided to ditch having the webrings and button in their own box. Frankly, it was causing me nothing but strife and I think having them just be in the navbar is more consistent and less of a pain for me.


Not a ton done today because I had class and was away from my computer to hang out with my dad, BUT I'm preparing a new project, where clicking on floating PNGs on pages will take you to an accompanying collection or other random page! The first of these will be a corkboard showing off pins I like sourced from various archives. I got all the images for that, I just need to make the page. I also fixed the 404 page so that it actually works now- and I added a poll! I'm thinking of changing it to a new one once a week, so vote while you can and if you have topic ideas let me know!


Finally, the sitemap is up- that means that now all of the links in the navbar actually work. I'm actually pretty pround that I was able to get all of the pags up and stick with this, and honestly, the fun doesn't stop here. I'm going to keep working on a lot more pages, I'm considering having a pinboard and a stickers collection, and if you have any other fun ideas for pages or elements I can add, drop me a line! I'm always looking for new stuff to try out. I also made a custom 404 page, just in case you get lost :]


Worked all day to get the graphics page up! And now it's up! Wow! It took me a while because I also had to put all of my sources in the graphics as well, and I added some fun javascript to the backgrounds page, so feel free to check that out :]! I also FINALLY figured out how to make my cursor into a fun image, it only took two weeks... Anyways! Even though it seems like we're nearing the end for the web development, I'm only getting started- I have tons of ideas for fun pages and shrines, so don't touch that dial!


The Dungeon Meshi Shrine is now up!!!! I'm really happy with this one, it was a lot of fun :]. I also changed the hit counter from the one I was using to a native neocities counter, since the other one was wayyyyy off- I like this one a lot better though. I think I might take a break from shrines for a bit and instead work on the Graphics page- so stay tuned for that one!


The first and second pages of the Dungeon Meshi shrine are now up! The first page is just a brief synopsis of Dungeon Meshi and why I like it, and the other page up at the moment is the character profiles! Only 5 of the 10 of them have text right now, but they all have images, so check those out. I also changed the shrine links so they open the shrine in a new tab- it's the little things.


So, no updates on the site- today I wanted to spend time working on the Dungeon Meshi shrine, but collecting images and editing them took literally all day (making pngs of manga panels... pain) BUT I have the basic page layout done, and hopefully I can get some of the shrine up by tomorrow! Since this one will have more pages, I'm probably going to upload it as I go, rather than doing it all at once like I did with House of Leaves.


The House of Leaves shrine is up now! Feel free to check it out and click around :] you can access it from the shrines page! Oh also- thanks for the 2k views! I'm really glad everyone has enjoyed the website so far!


A lot more stuff was done today, though it doesn't seem like it on the surface lol. I now have the links stuff in its own little box along with a couple of webrings i am now a part of! Yay! I also got the shrines page up, but I currently don't have any of the shrines. I do have the landing page for the House of Leaves shrine though, which I think is pretty cool and spooky. I'm going to try and get the House of Leaves shrine up tomorrow, but that one will probably be a bit of a beast since there's a lot to talk about.


The journal page is now up! I really struggled with the layout, and if I can figure out how to get the links into their own sidebar I'll do that, but for now I'm really happy with how it turned out. I also made a button for my site and added some code so that you can link back to me.


Lots done today! Both the links page and the gallery page are now live! I had a ton of fun with both of them, so be sure to check it out. The gallery page has a bunch of my art on it, with all of the images linking back to my art tumblr with the higher quality versions! (also, tomorrow I'm going to get to show my website to my web design teacher, so stay tuned for that)


Not a ton done today now that I have class again, but I added a graphic at the top of the website! I also redid the graphics on the home page and I'll save the pink aesthetic for later. I did a bit of work on the About page, and the guestbook is now fixed so it can actually be signed!


Added a music player and visitor counter to the extras bar! I had to wrestle with the music player a lot, but I'm glad I got it to work. I also added a guestbook page, so please sign my guestbook! I also added an about page yay


Finished the homepage, and the website was uploaded to neocities! Rest of the pages aren't done yet, but they will be soon...


started working on the website! Got the basic structure down and sourced a bunch of images- I'm super excited to take on this new project :3